Sunday, February 15, 2009

Speak up and Fight

One of the most often used tools by sickulars to attack Hinduism is to put a question mark on the existence and definition of Hindus. Their agenda is to prove to that Hinduism is the religion of Brahmins only, and all other castes of Hinduism are slaves of Brahmins, who must liberate themselves i.e. leave Hinduism and convert to other religions or just transform into a vibrant Hindu hater.

This scam was started by Evangelists with the invention of Aryan Invasion Theory, which got some support in Tamilnadu, causing some people to actually believe that South Indians belonged to a different race than North Indians. Evangelists wanted them to believe that the Rakshas (devils) in Ramayan, whom Lord Rama fought to rescue his wife Sita, were actually inhabitants of Tamilnadu, termed as Dravidians. Ramayan was converted into a story, rather myth, of fight between Aryans and Dravidians.

Evangelists had the state machinery of the British government to support them and a team of committed missionaries to propagate the theory, and it sold like hot cakes. Some people in Tamilnadu even cheerfully accepted Lanka King Ravana as the Dravidian hero, blissfully forgetting that Ravana was referred to as a Brahmin in most of the ancient versions of Ramayana. So even if the Aryan Invasion Theory was correct, Ravana was an Aryan!

Anyway, the issue is not to find out whom Lord Rama fought in those times, but to find out what the enemy of Hinduism is upto. Here, it would be very helpful to understand how Evangelists succeeded in converting whole of Europe into Christianity.

The religions of pre-Christian Europe are termed as ‘paganism’ today. Technically, followers of all non-Abrahmic religions i.e. religions other than Judaism, Christianity and Islam, are referred to as Pagans or Heathens, and hence Hinduism is also a part of paganism. An Evangelist’s and Jehadi’s dream is to get rid of all Pagan and Heathen people from this world, and then sort out amongst themselves.

Europe was not Christian until after 300 years since Jesus first preached. Christian apostles kept preaching and propagating the religion in various part of Europe but Europeans followed Hellenistic religions, which was polytheistic as well as mystic and philosophical like Hinduism. Hellenistic religions had Greek and Roman gods and goddesses and there were other Celtic and Scandinavian gods that were worshiped in pre-Christian Europe.

The pre-Christian Europe gave rise to great thinkers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle – the real trinity of the western world and the real reason of richness of the western philosophy.

Christianity was adopted as the official religion of Roman Empire by the emperor Constantine I in fourth century AD. Christian historians refer to him as “The Great” for this job, as the Roman Church became the most powerful establishment in Europe.

Once the Evangelists had political power, they started systematic persecution and subversion of Hellenistic religions. The people of Europe were made to feel ashamed to be following Hellenistic religions. They were demoralized and humiliated through the process of Christianization (check this Wikipedia entry to see how Christians destroyed temples and defiled statues of Pagan gods to demoralize and humiliate Pagans).

The Europeans, originally Pagans, were taught that Greek and Roman religions were all myths and that Europe didn’t have any religion or culture to be proud of. Evangelists told the European Pagans that Hellenistic gods, especially Roman gods, were just ruthless warriors who were killing fellow European Pagans. The sense of belonging and oneness among the Europeans was robbed. Christianity was offered as the only solution to redeem themselves after disowning their ‘shameful’ past.

Is it tough to see that Evangelists tried to do the same thing in India?

Can you now see why the sickulars work overtime to argue that Hinduism is all myth, just the same way Evangelists argued with Europeans about their original religions?

Can you now see why Ramayana is argued as a story where one set of Indian Pagans (North Indians) were killing another set of Indian Pagans (South Indians)?

Even for the sake of discussion, we admit that the Aryan Invasion Theory was correct, what difference does it make? Do Hindus have to live in past or in present?

If sickulars want some Hindus to leave Hinduism because Aryans came from abroad and brought Hinduism into India by force and persecution, they should also ask the European Christians to leave Christianity as Christianity definitely came from abroad (Mediterranean) and persecuted the indigenous faiths. Sickulars should also ask people in Iran to go back to Zoroastrianism and renounce Islam, because Islam too definitely came from abroad into Iran and persecuted the Persians.

The sickular agenda is to make the Hindus feel ashamed and demoralized about their own past, just as they did with European pagans. They had partial success in Tamilnadu, and now they are trying to do the same thing in northern India with dalits, trying to convince them to believe that they were never part of Hinduism by wrongly quoting and interpreting the Hindu texts.

The Hindu caste-system, which horribly went awry by transforming into a hierarchal structure, is doing no good to us, as the sickulars are using this inhuman and unhindu discrimination to brainwash the dalits. That’s why it’s important that we get rid of this decimation based on castes and one of the main missions of “The SHIELD” is to fight casteism.

The discrimination against dalits is a horrible and shameful truth, it exists even today. But who gave the rights to sickulars to blame it on Hindu texts? There are erudite scholars who claim and argue that the shlokas in Manusmriti have been misused and misinterpreted by a group of selfish people to discriminate against the dalits.

Again, for the sake of discussion, even if we admit that some shlokas in Manusmriti actually favor discrimination against lower castes, does it become a ‘must-do’ for a Hindu?

Hinduism is the only religion that allows people to logically debate and challenge an established norm with changing times – a tradition that allowed Adi Shakara to found the Vendata philosophy. What might be written in Manusmriti are not the final words of God as is believed to be in the case of Quran and Bible. If Hindus believe those shlokas to be discriminatory, they have every right to argue against it and discard it in favor of newer norms, no need for sickulars to preach.

Aren’t there dozens verses in Quran that call for killing people, subjugating women, trading slaves, and various other things that are absolutely no-no in the modern society? But when an Islamic scholar says that such verses have been wrongly interpreted by some selfish people, sickulars take note and listen, and even agree. But when a Hindu tries to argue that Manusmriti or Vedic shlokas were misinterpreted, he’s abused and told to shut up.

That’s why we at “The SHIELD” must not keep quiet and speak up against the vilification of Hinduism, and at the same fight a battle to eradicate vices like caste-based discrimination from Hindusim.



  2. You should read this article


  4. i am not hindu
    i am just bihari

  5. good article. If we look positively at caste system then it should be looked as social security system, for example a cobbler sitting on road and repairing shoes to air conditioned showroom owner of shoes should all belong to cobbler or mochee or chamar caste otherwise caste should be interpretd as the character which one has, and hence ones caste determined by birth had not been always part of Hinduism. It has been manupulated many times.

  6. I feel we should focus more on understanding and exposing the roots, support base ,the implementing apparatus and the key people behind the missionery/ conversion problem.

    It will soon emerge that it is a really more of a national security issue with Jesuits operating behind the scene.

    Just type Jesuit -Naxals and search on google .Here are some samples;

    ==Its not co-incidence that all regions affected by Naxalism/Maoist insurgency are also dominated by converion campaigns by the Church & Missionaries==

    ==“One cannot object much to the basic principles of the Naxalites”, says Ignatius Tirkey, a young Jesuit living in Keondtanr [Jharkhand]==

    ==The ultimate objective of Church-funded and Church-backed NGOs working in dalit colonies and among the fishing communities along the coasts is to create Christian majority pockets, villages and districts in the country.==

    ==Seven Hundred villages are under Naxalites. Their number is increasing day by day. They have started indoctrinating 80 million indigenous people of India. India will soon be in the hands of the Naxalites within a few years. Society of Jesus - Karnataka Province==

    ==The involvement of Christian organizations, especially certain clerical orders as the Jesuits who have a stated "social justice" agenda, cannot be overlooked as another ingredient in the nexus of ultra-left terrorists and drug cartels in Latin America.

    ==We have seen hints of this in India as well, evinced by the involvement of individuals having close ideological links to Jesuitry and evangelical Christianity with Naxal terrorism.==

    =Among the Christian groups, one of the most impressive in terms of effort and planning is that of the Indian Social Institute which is a catholic center (not surprisingly run by Jesuits). It has the ISI Training Centre and an ISI Documentation Centre in Bangalore. It is this complex that nurtures, funds, and guides and coordinates a network of around 25 action groups in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. ==

  7. I think you would find this article by Madhu Kishwar (of the feminist magazine Manushi) interesting:

    It is a very intelligent discussion of Manusmriti and why it is currently perceived to be permanently normative. (But shouldn't be.)

    It is worth noting that Madhu Kishwar would probably count as a Leftist - so perhaps you should be a little open minded about whether all secular types 'hate Hindus' or not. (My feeling is most do not. But jmho.)

  8. Dear friends,

    I want to start with the human predicament.We know from life that human beings live to satisfy their wants and increase their pleasures.This is true of other animals as well.We see the viviousness of animals from a million documentaries produced by the west.

    Every species tries to gang up for self-preservation and there is fight for leadership within the space.A tiger fights for territory and winning over a mate.So do human beings whether americans or japanese.

    Men have an extra reason for fighting.He has more ways to amuse himself.He is more organised,has greater wants and has longer memories.

    Our Vedic rishis,perhaps in the Upanishadic Age,realised this essential contradiction.

    When men are organised and have better weapons,they are able to win over less organised people.

    Yet lack of shraddha sets in.Ideals atrophy.Obfuscation becomes the norm.Heirarchy becomes all important to preserve the fruits of victory.

    In the much later Srimad Bhaghavatham,Parikshit questions the Kali purusha the reason of moral decay-is it the Work of God,Nature,Time.The answers are left to the listener.

    SukaBrahmam in his final sermon to Parikshit tells the ephemeral nature of the world as an incontroverible fact and teaches HARI IS the ONLY REALITY.

    HARI is the BRAHMAM of the Vedantin,NARAYANA of the Sri Vaishnavas, Vishnu of the Madhvas,Sri KRISHNA of the bhakthas.

    The Puranas tell us of Srishthi and Pralaya occuring in Cycles.The kali is an age of depravity.

    From 1000 AD,India was in deep slumber or in suspended animation for a 1000 years.There were brilliant indvidual achievements in regional languages,art,music,sculpture and architecture.Yet a certain equilibrium flowing from past ages had been attained.No real disturbance was possible.Coincidentally mohammedans also invaded india.Their impact on hindu was at best minimal,at worst regressive.

    But the British conquest was difference.The British were the products of enlightemnent and industrial power.The printing press had been invented.So were modern modes of transport and communication.

    When we talk of the Hindu nation,we should be careful about its extent and limitation.We need to be careful about pan indian hinduism,tamil,reservations,regional peculiarities,the incredible role played by Buddhism and Jainism in the past,their limitations.

    A certain bihari is proud that he is not hindu.Mr. Bihari,I am a tamil brahmin in madras.The bihari is blunting the tamil nationalists here.Let us not be blindly anti-congress.Lalu is doing a good job at the centre.

    While Brahmin worship is gone and brahmin bashing is the norm,let us not be apologetic about the brahmin contributions to indian civilisation.Inequality was/is has been the norm world over.Let there not be humiliation on the basis of birth.WE all believe in widest possible opportunities.

    Literacy was not the norm until a few centuries back.Slaves were common in Judaism,Christism and Islam.Discrimination was outlawed in US only after the Civil Rights movement.Inequality exists in every society.The Catholic societies in Latin Ameica,Iberia,Italy,Philiphines were hardly progressive.Yet they play an important role in the social fabric of these societies.WE need to remember that some of us will be liberal/progressive while others will try to preserve social fabric.

    My Best Wishes to the members of Shield.We need to have good relations with decent christists and muslims.But there can be no place for political semitism in OUR land.

    As a start,we should take as our first project to CRUSH this Catholic institution in Bengaluru.It cannot be done overnight.I call upon North Indians,Tamil brahmins etc to do this in a systematic way to show our solidarity with our kannadiga brothers.There is a congenial atmosphere in karnataka.Many of the top posts in the Catholic hierarchy are from TN,NE and KERALA.Karnataka has no real christist presence.


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